Eligibility for MHSD services is determined by three factors:


To receive services, you must be a resident of Orleans, Plaquemines or St. Bernard Parish.


  • Mental illness and addictive disorders: MHSD serves residents who currently are uninsured, Medicaid recipients or dually eligible Medicare/Medicaid recipients. If you have private insurance, please contact your insurance agent first to determine preferred providers.
  • Developmental disabilities: Eligibility for MHSD supports and services is not based on income. Please call our Care Center at 504-568-3130 to learn more.

Medical situation

  • Mental illness: MHSD serves adults with a severe mental illness, children and adolescents with a serious emotional/behavioral disorder, as well as persons experiencing an acute mental illness.
  • Addictive disorders: MHSD serves adults and children who are abusing or dependent on alcohol, drug or gambling.
  • Developmental disabilities: Louisiana state law defines developmental disability as a severe, chronic disability, other than a disability caused solely by mental illness, that:
    • first appears before a person reaches the age of 22
    • is likely to continue indefinitely and
    • causes substantial limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activities: self-care, language, learning mobility, self-direction and/or capacity for independent living.

For question regarding eligibility, please call our Care Center at 504-568-3130.
To learn about services available in each of these areas, click here.