About Us

MHSD is here for you.

Who we are

One of ten districts across Louisiana, MHSD was created by the state legislature in 2003 to oversee the delivery of publicly-funded, community-based mental health, addictive disorders and developmental disabilities services to our area.

Who we serve

MHSD serves adults, children and families of Orleans, Plaquemines and St. Bernard Parishes. In particular, we serve residents who are uninsured or Medicaid eligible, though developmental disabilities services do not have income restrictions.

What we do

MHSD serves three roles for the people of our district:

  • First, we assess your needs and identify the best ways for you to receive support and services. All you have to do is call our Care Center during normal business hours at 504-568-3130. It’s free to call.
  • Second, in some cases, we provide direct services to meet your needs, through both MHSD clinics and MHSD-funded partner agencies.
  • Third, we lead an on-going effort with our partners to evaluate, refine, and strengthen community supports and services to ensure that residents are getting the highest quality, most efficient care possible.

How we do it

MHSD sees the people we serve as true partners in our work. We work with individuals to ensure that they are making informed-decisions and that we are providing customized services that meet their needs. MHSD also is a research-driven organization. That means that local and national data and outcome measures drive our program development and evaluation.

Why we do it

MHSD sees mental illness, addictive disorders and developmental disabilities the same way our society sees chronic illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension. They are health issues that can affect anyone at any time. We work hard to ensure that people with these diagnoses have access to high quality, compassionate and comprehensive supports and services. In doing so, we believe we are working to remove the stubborn stigmas that too frequently create barriers.

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